Mirage Interactive

About Us:

In 2008, when it’s still the era of Java games, we developed the first Symbian based 2.5D MMORPG, which featured a 45° angle view. And we became the lead to the formation of the Symbian game market in China.

In 2010, while the Symbian market was flourishing, we initiated the development of  the first iOS strategy game, War 2 Victory. This game achieved and remained as one of 

the top grossing games on iOS for over a year. It’s a milestone for an iOS strategy game. 

In 2012, as every other mobile game developer was making Casual Games, we broke ground in the MMORPG, a completely new naval and land battle system on the Unity 3D platform. This development opened the industry’s eyes to realize its potential of Hardcore Games on mobile.

In 2015, at the time when everybody was ecstatic for the great revenues produced by mobile games, we turn our hands to innovations again…

Now, we are pursuing to define VR gaming.

The Mirage team has over 20 employees with an average 8+ years of  experience in creating games. 

We have produced games of every genre on every platform, from PC to VR. Many of our games had topped at the app store charts and kept the records for long periods of time. 

Our goal is not only to create fun and memorable games, but also to be the captain in game development with game-changing innovations.