Innovation: Cornerstone of WiSTONE.

Unique gaming experience and great fun will be provided in each game product of WiSTONE. This is supposed to be the core element of competitiveness of WiSTONE products.

Concentration:  Attitude of WiSTONE

WiSTONE refuse to follow blindly or chase the hot spots of the market. We prefer to focus on what we are specialized, and dig deeper into the fun and value step by step. And now, WiSTONE has become the pronoun of Strategy", "Military", "and "Hard core" games in China.

Depth: Operation Criterion of WiSTONE

WiSTONE pays great attention to the diversified and unique preferences and normal practices of uses around the globe. Oversea subsidiaries are established, and also we have been working closely with local publishers, to ensure professional localization, and to offer players a better gaming experience.